The iPad Project

When we’re often too busy figuring out issues with our e-mail, or trying to make a call on our so called ‘smart’ phones; it’s easy to forget that technology really does have the potential to make dramatic and positive differences to our lives.

"…you know what happens when you give teachers computers that actually work? They use them. A lot."
The iPad Project: Day One

As someone who makes a living making technology more accessible to people, these words really struck a chord with me. When technology fails, we feel as though we have failed technology when in reality the fault rarely lies with end users, but rather the people who create technology without any empathy for those who will be using it.

Nobody understands this more than Fraser Speirs, who teaches computing at the Cedars School of Excellence and has taken on the ambitious task of deploying iPads for every student and writing about it.

The project is only six weeks in, but he’s already noticing dramatic educational impacts:

We’re seeing the iPad completely change the way that certain subjects are taught. Our best example so far is Art. I will write and share more about what we’re doing in Art over time but it’s fair to say that it is already far beyond anything I expected in the first year, let alone the first month.

At this point, all I can give you are some practical anecdotes which, I hope, will give you a flavour of the change.

The iPad Project: How It’s Going

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